Our Sustainable Philosophy

our sustainable philosophy

Sustainable Agricultural Practices – We practice traditional farming techniques, which begin by continually replenishing the soil...the foundation for our products.

In order to grow foods that look good, taste good and are good for you, the team at The Chef's Garden is committed to sustainable agriculture and practices that replenish nutrients depleted from the soil. Embracing the traditional philosophies of farming and recognizing the importance of growing crops through natural means, The Chef's Garden is deeply dedicated to "growing vegetables slowly and gently, in full accord with nature"®. We believe that by rebuilding the soil naturally it will return to us a more nutritious, flavorful product.

The sustainable farming methods we employ allow our products to grow naturally to achieve optimum flavor and nutrient levels. In order to produce the healthiest plants possible, we let the land sit fallow and plant specific cover crops for compost. Healthy plants are better able to resist weeds and insects, enabling us to avoid pesticides and other chemicals that are commonly used to control them.

Conventional farming can be compared to a mining process in which soils are depleted of vital nutrients, so chemicals are used to supplement them. Organic farming eliminates chemicals and synthetic fertilizers from the process. While that removes the bad elements, we believe it is not a completion of the agricultural process until the bad is replaced with the good. Sustainable agricultural practices put the proper nutrients back into the soil naturally, producing maximum flavor, nutrients and shelf life in the products we are proud to hand-harvest for you each day!

In the 21st Century, The Chef's Garden looks to redefine sustainable agriculture to create a model that will attract and retain young farmers. Our future generations must be encouraged to protect our farmland and to continue providing safe, flavorful products with the nutrients necessary to build a healthy America. Guided by the vision of the chefs we work with, we aim to lead sustainable agriculture into the future, establishing the best and safest growing processes that protect the land and do not contaminate the consumer or the environment.