Bee Sustainableā„¢

The Chef's Garden Bee Sustainable Initiative

We often underestimate the power of the bee. The bee's role in the pollination of vegetables, fruits, nuts and flowers is essential to a plant's reproduction and survival. Alarmingly, the honeybee population has experienced a severe decline in recent years. Researchers have been unable to pinpoint a cause for the phenomenon, dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), but a significant reduction in the number of honeybees will have a direct effect on our own flowering food sources, leaving reason for all of us to be concerned.

As a leader in the revival of sustainable agriculture and a pioneer in the world of specialty vegetables, and microgreens, The Chef's Garden relies on the diligent work of the honeybee. Our Bee Sustainable project provides bees with a high quality food source nearby to sustain their colonies. Believing that good nutrition can produce healthier bees and, in turn, healthier food products, we plant nutritious flowering plants that bloom throughout the pollination season so bees are better protected against other threats in the environment.


Help us help the bees and, in turn, help ourselves!