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December 2013 - The Chef's Garden is featured in the Cleveland Episode of Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern Watch Select Scenes Now

November 2013 - Chef Jamie Simpson of The Culinary Vegetable Institute prepares a side dish inspired by the Farmer Jones Farm Home Delivery Box on Fox 8 News in the Morning Watch Now

November 2013 - Farmer Lee Jones is featured in Chef Magazine's "Industry Voices," addressing the definition of "local" from a farmer's perspective | Read Now (see page 6) 
October 2013 - Restaurant Hospitality rides along with Sage Restaurant Group as they visit the farm to source and sample products for their Urban Farmer restaurant scheduled to open April 2014 in Cleveland.| Read Now
October 2013 - Sizzle Magazine shares highlights from the 2013 American Culinary Federation's National Conference where Farmer Lee Jones was a keynote speaker | Read Now
September 2013 - Plate Magazine Editor Chandra Ram calls the first annaul Roots Conference "A Much-Needed Dose of Inspiration" | Read Now (registration required) 

September 2013 - Lisa Abraham of the Akron Beacon Journal shares her experience at The Chef's Garden's first annual Roots Conference, exploring the power, purpose and meaning of food | Read Now

September 2013 - The Daily Meal talks to Farmer Jones about "Why Miles Don’t Matter: The New Local" | Read Now
September 2013 - Chef Paul Hanley at Mia Restaurant in Caesar's Palace gave us a shout out his this article about Atlantic City's Restaurant Week | Read Now
August 2013 - Chef Andrew Zimmern visits the farm for an episode of Bizzare Foods | See the Album
July 2013 - Farmer Jones shares tips for a quick lunch that incorporates the best flavors of the season on New Day Cleveland | Watch Now
June 2013 - Chefs of Eddie Merlot's tell you why they love The Chef's Garden | Read Now
June 2013 - Chef Maneet Chauhan's Earth to Table Dinner at The Culinary Vegetable Institute was featured in Independent Restaurateur magazine | Read Now
May 2013 - Farmer Jones Delivers the Vegetables and Chef Lee Anne Miller Prepares a Salad on Fox 8 News in the Morning | Watch Now

May 2013 - Food Arts – Mustard Blooms | Read Now

2013 - Farmer Jones is Selected as One of The Daily Meal's Coolest People in Food | Read Now

March 2013 - Erica Wides on Fox 8 | Watch Now

February 2013 - Farmer Jones Presents Unique Vegetables, Herbs and Greens on Fox 8 News in the Morning | Watch Now

February 2013 - Food Arts – Micro Carrot | Read More

February 2013 - Farmer Jones Gives The Farm Report on the Heritage Radio Network | Listen Now

February 2013 - The New York Times Features The Chef’s Garden Ingredients in a Winter Dish Prepared by Chef Jonathon Sawyer | Read More

February 2013 - Food Arts – Sweet Potato Leaves | Read More

February 2013 - Buffalo News - Chow Down on Lake Erie | Read More

January 2013 - Food Arts - Popcorn Shoots | Read More

January 2013 - Farmer Jones Talks Winter Veggies on Fox 8 News in the Morning | Watch Now

December 2012 - Farmer Jones Farm in Metro US holiday guide | Read More

December 2012 - Lisa Abraham: Lisa’s List has gifts for the cook Lisa Abraham | Read More

December 2012 - Farmer Jones featured on "Cooking Today with Chef Jason Roberts"

December 2012 - Farmer Jones’ Perspective on the Future of Food Featured in Quality Assurance Magazine | Read More

October 2012 - Lake Erie isn't as unlikely a location as you may think for a family farm that supplies chefs around the world. Find out why | Read More

October 2012 - Farmer Lee Jones of The Chef’s Garden and The Culinary Vegetable Institute’s Executive Chef Carl Swanbeck deliver the fall bounty to Fox 8 studios and show viewers how to use vegetables for breakfast | Read More
September 2012 - WBGU PBS makes a “Scenic Stop” to see what’s growing at the farm | Read More
June 2012 - Relationships With Chefs Cultivate Celebrity Farmer Reputation | Read More

2012 - As Food Arts’ Produce Pro, Farmer Lee Jones introduces you to some of the unique ingredients we grow and how chefs are using them |

May 2012 - Matt Danko, pastry chef at The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland talks about how Farmer Lee Jones has inspired him to incorporate at least one vegetable into every dessert | Read More

April 2012 - When Chef Jim Gelzheiser hosted Michelle Obama at The Rivers Club in Pittsburgh, who do you think he called to supply the best produce? | Read More

April 2012 - Hear what people are saying about our Farmer Jones Farm home delivery boxes | Read More
March 2012 -Coolest People in Food | Read More
June 2010 - Style Strategist - Five things about image I learned from a farmer | Read More
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April 2010 - National Culinary ReviewMicrogreens Grow Up  | Read More

March 2010 - Wall Street JournalRestaurants See Signs of Spring  |  Read More

Oct/Nov 2009 - Read Farmer Lee Jones' interview from the Food for Thought section of Fine Cooking Magazine alt Read More
This article appeared inthe Oct/Nov 2009 issue of Fine Cooking Magazine at

September 2009 - Hospital food goes healthy, local for sake of patients, profits | Read More

August 2009 - Listen to Farmer Lee Jones' interview on the Travel Planners Radio Show

July 2009 - The Chef's Garden in the Akron Beacon Journal | Read More

June/July 2009 - Lake Erie Living - TCG the one stop shop for herbs and vegetables | alt Read More

March 2009 - Food Arts - Farmer Jones is out to save the honeybee's one hive at at time | alt Read More

January 2009 - Charleston learns about The Chef's Garden family farm | Read More

January 2009 - Farmer Lee Jones contributes to Chef's Magazine's "Growing Produce Trends" | alt Read More
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January 2009 - National Culinary Review - Back to Our Roots | alt Read More